Mobile Homes Foundation Repair

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Mobile homes are getting increasingly popular mainly because they are regarded as affordable, efficient and comfortable alternatives to owning a conventional home. Owning a mobile home is a cost effective method to obtain a comfortable house. By means of regular routine maintenance and repair mobile homes can assure a lifetime of safe, cost-efficient living.

Importance of mobile home repair:

In general a mobile home is deemed a cost-effective alternative because of the reduced renovation cost. Nevertheless the foundation of the property may require additional care and attention just like any other home or structure.

A number of the well-known issues found in mobile homes is the need of a proper foundation. Installing concrete pier and beam foundation will increase the value of the mobile home as well as stabilize the structure.

Signs of Foundation Problems

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Most of us don’t think about our foundation until there’s a problem. But once you discover that there’s a problem, you realize how important your foundation is to your home’s health and safety. Then you begin worrying about: how to fix your foundation, who to trust, is it expensive, and can you fix it

Historic Pier and Beam Design

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The key to maintaining a historic pier and beam house is proper drainage. When water accumulates or flows under a pier and beam house, it may cause either heaving (uplifting) or sinking of the piers.

Most historic houses around Central Texas were constructed with Bodark tree posts buried two to three feet under the ground. More recent houses are constructed with concrete blocks or poured cement posts.

Due to our moisture sensitive, expansive clay soils, water under a house is always a problem.
During dry spells the soil shrinks, lowering the post. During wet periods the soil expands, raising the post.


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